HyperPavilion a large scale exhibition during the 57th Venice Biennale

Lawrence Lek, Geomancer, Courtesy of HyperPavilion

Lawrence Lek, Geomancer, Courtesy of HyperPavilion

a large scale exhibition during the 57th Venice Biennale
Preview days May 9 – 12
Open to the public from May 13 – October 30, 2017

HyperPavilion was announced today in Hong Kong. A large scale exhibition which will be held in Venice during the 57th Venice Biennale in Arsenale Nord, produced by Fabulous Inc and curated by Philippe Riss-Schmidt.

During the press launch at Duddell’s Hong Kong, Philippe Riss-Schmidt, the curator, explained that the exhibition will take place on the Northern side of the Arsenale in three historical warehouses, amounting to 3000m2.

“The exhibition will display newly commissioned artworks: a dynamic selection, that address the consequences of art after the arrival of the digital, as well as investigating the new ways to exhibit these outcomes. All artworks are site-specific and created specifically for this project”, states Philippe Riss-Schmidt.

HyperPavilion focuses on an international roster of artists, whose common objectives question, challenge and respond to a furthering digital transition. Presented on technology including: large scale projections; a 360° immersive cinema; a hologram theatre; multi-screen installations and hybrids artworks. All of which accumulate to present a spectacular post-techo-human immersion.

The artists involved are: Aram Bartholl; Vincent Broquaire; Claude Closky; Frederik De Wilde; Labnt2; Lawrence Lek; Claire Malrieux; Théo Massoulier; Julien Prévieux; Paul Souviron; and Theo Triantafyllidis.

Philippe Riss-Schmidt, continuing the presentation, added: “Currently, artists are constructing and inventing imaginary compositions from an undefined frontier; a space of otherness, confrontation and mixed identity. A coupling of the real and the imaginary. The artworks typically: collect; archive; accumulate; digitalise; incorporate and erase data. They are constantly evolving. Therefore, HyperPavilion is not about digital art, but about art at the digital age. Welcome to the e-renaissance”.

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