XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial to open in July

Cerveira Biennial

XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial
15th July to 16th September 2017
Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
Artistic coordinator: Cabral Pinto

2017 is the year of the XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial, the oldest in the country, which will take place between 15 July and 16 September, under the theme “FROM POP ART TO TRANSAVANTGARDES, Folk Art Appropriations.”

The oldest of the Iberian Peninsula in activity, was established as an event that enhances the reputation of the Northern Region of Portugal in the world, while a modern space.

With impeccable credentials at national and international levels, this event, also counts with the participation of many hundreds of artists from five continents that value and magnify it, increasing its projection and recognition in the art world.

This event, which fulfils 39 years of existence, strengthens regional and cross-border relations with Galicia, based on a concerted cultural strategy, drawing the attention of Europe and the world to the historical importance of these regions in the construction of European culture and cultural and contemporary art expressions.

The Cerveira International Art Biennial is proud to have presented throughout its history, with nearly four decades, many of the most prestigious names in contemporary art in Portugal and the World.

The program Involves: International Competition; representation of 15 universities, colleges and Polytechnics of artistic areas, with presentation of research departments and the artistic productions of students and teachers; national and international curatorships; Honoured Artists (Paula Rego, Alexander Calder, Ernesto de Sousa and Jaime Azinheira); Conferences and Debates; Ateliers and workshops; guided tours; light shows and indoor and outdoor sound; among others.

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