Asian Art Biennial Artists’ Forum

Asian Art Biennial

October 1, 2017
Auditorium, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art

“Negotiating the Future” is about the anxiety and restlessness in the Asian society at present. The current state of panic comes from people’s dissatisfaction with their living circumstances, from the disappearance of comfort zones and small blessings, and from the failure of the safety net. The existing structure is no longer sufficient to support people’s beliefs that they can overcome real life challenges. There are numerous signs that Asia is now in a state of renovation and reform. Contemporary Asian culture is searching for new order and new connections in an attempt to subvert the current allocation of social power. Negotiating the Future: 2017 Asian Art Biennial studies recent happenings around Asia through the works of artists who take part in this event. The Biennial observes the repressed restlessness in our society, which reflects the public desire for social transformation in an age of rapid technological advances and swift economic and political changes. The Biennial of artworks showcase the diversity of contemporary artistic creativeness through paintings, installations, images, videos, performances, and creative workshops.

The Artists Forum invites 18 groups of artists from Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan, Palestine, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh to share their observation from artistic perspective, experiences and ideas with each other and face-to-face communicate with audience.


09:00~09:20 Registration
09:20~09:30 Opening Ceremony. Host: HSIAO Tsung-Huang, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
09:30~10:50 LIN Hsiao-Yu (Taiwan) WANG Wen-Chih (Taiwan) LIU Ho-Jang(Taiwan) CHEN I-Chun and LUO He-Lin (Taiwan) HSU Che-Yu (Taiwan) LO Yi-Chun (Taiwan)
10:50~11:00 Intermission
11:00~11:50 Wassan Al-Khudhairi (Iraq) Wafaa BILAL (Iraq/America) Index of the Disappeared (Chitra GANESH, Mariam GHANI) (Afghanistan/ India) Shuruq HARB, Samah HIJAWI , Toleen TOUQ (Palestine/ Jordan)
11:50~13:30 Lunch
13:30~15:05 Ade Darmawan (Indonesia) Tayeba Begum LIPI (Bangladesh) Serrum (Indonesia) Jatiwangi art Factory (Indonesia) Reza AFISINA (Indonesia) Leonardiansyah ALLENDA (Indonesia) Art Labor (Vietnam)
15:05~15:25 Tea Break
15:25~16:30 Kenji KUBOTA (Japan) Chim↑Pom (Japan) Yangjiang Group (China) Yang Ah HAM (Korea) Kelvin Kyung Kun PARK(Korea) 16:30~16:40 Intermission
16:40~17:20 General Discussion Host: HSIAO Tsung-Huang, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Panelists: artists of every session

Registration for the event is open to anyone interested in the subject of fine arts (200 openings available).
Online Registration: https://event.culture.tw/NTMOFA/portal/Registration/C0103MAction?actId=70123

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