Asian Art Biennial Curators’ Forum

Asian Art Biennial

September 30, 2017
Auditorium, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art

The multiplicity of Asian culture is interwoven with a multitude of cultural perspectives and art communities. Through their creative practice, artists expand the diversity of contemporary Asian art, express social and national identity through art, facilitate artistic interaction and collaboration by actively using new media, attach traditional art to globalization, and produce an interactive mechanism between different regions that gradually comes together to gather into a collective cultural wave. This is the result of an unique form of dynamism and adaptation specific to Asia. It is also the source of a new art form originating from Asia.

The theme for 2017 Asian Art Biennial is “Negotiating the Future”. The Biennial is an attempt to explore the mobility and explosive force of contemporary art, to find balance between power struggles and to seek negotiation in the midst of conflict. This forum invites academics and experts in Asia to share their observations regarding the progress of contemporary art. Participants will share their experiences in creating contemporary artworks and in curating exhibitions.


09:30~10:00 Registration
10:00~10:10 Opening Ceremony
Host: HSIAO Tsung-Huang, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
10:10~10:50 Yuji Akimoto (Japan) CHU Teh-I (Taiwan) Happenings in the Area of Contemporary Art — Kogei Bridge: Connecting Contemporary Art and Craft
10:50~11:00 Intermission
11:00~11:40 Yun Cheagab (Korea) LU Pei-Yi (Taiwan) Networker or Thinker
11:40~13:30 Lunch
13:30~14:00 LIN Hsiao-Yu (Taiwan) GUO Jau-Lan (Taiwan) Negotiating the Future: A Collaboration between Art, Society, and Curators
14:00~14:10 Intermission
14:10~14:40 Wassan Al-Khudhairi ( Iraq) CHENG Mei-Ya (Taiwan) Are we Asian? Considering the inclusion of the Middle East in the 2017 Asian Art Biennial
14:40~15:00 Tea Break
15:00~15:30 Ade Darmawan (Indonesia) TAKAMORI Nobuo (Taiwan) Sub-Institute
15:30~15:40 Intermission
15:40~16:10 Kenji KUBOTA (Japan) LO Hsiu-Chih (Taiwan) Changing of Curatorial Practices and Roles in Society
16:10~16:20 Intermission
16:20~17:10 Panel discussion. Host: HSIAO Tsung-Huang, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Panelists: Yun Cheagab, LIN Hsiao-Yu, Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Ade Darmawan, Kenji KUBOTA

Registration for the event is open to anyone interested in the subject of fine arts (200 openings available).
Online Registration: https://event.culture.tw/NTMOFA/portal/Registration/C0103MAction?actId=70121

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