Calling for Curator: Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019

slo Architecture Triennale 2019

The Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) seeks a Chief Curator, theme and concept for its seventh edition to be held in Oslo, Norway, in autumn 2019. Individuals or collectives of any nationality and country of residence are openly invited to send their proposal in English.

With OAT 2019, the Triennale aims to continue its search into the future:

As a physical manifestation of political systems, culture and social structures, architecture play an important role in how we understand and shape our societies. In a time where democracy and current systems of power are being challenged and change is an increasingly present and accelerating force in our global and local societies, OAT 2019 wishes to raise a discussion on the role and relevance of architecture in the future.

The Curator will have primary artistic and academic responsibility for the core programme of OAT 2019, including the development of its conceptual and thematic framework and research. The Curator will work in close collaboration with the Triennale’s partner institutions to develop and produce the different parts of the core programme of OAT 2019.

Application deadline: 18 October, 2017 (23:59 CET)

As a triennial event, OAT strives to develop a content of high quality over a course of three years. The Triennale therefore aims to not only display, but also explore and investigate issues of architecture and urban development through alternative and interdisciplinary projects and practices.

In 2016, the Oslo Architecture Triennale manifested its position as one of the world’s important arenas for dissemination and discussion of architectural and urban challenges. This is something that the organization aims to maintain in 2019.

Find application guidelines, application form and more information here: http://oslotriennale.no/en/news/call-for-curator-2019

About the Oslo Architecture Triennale

The Oslo Architecture Triennale is a non-profit organization consisting of key institutions within the Norwegian field of architecture and urban development. The six constituting member organizations are the National Association of Norwegian Architects NAL, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO, Design and Architecture Norway DOGA, the Oslo Architects’ Association OAF, the National Museum of Architecture and Oslo Business Region. Furthermore, the Triennale has eight associated members, including the Association of Consulting Architects in Norway, Bergen School of Architecture, FutureBuilt, the Norwegian Organization of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers, the Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU and ROM for Art & Architecture.