Liverpool Biennial’s Sally Tallant named director of the Queens Museum in New York

Sally Tallant

The Queens Museum (New York) has appointed Sally Tallant, the director of the Liverpool Biennial, as its new director.

Tallant will be succeeding Laura Raicovich, who resigned from the post in January 2018 citing differences with the Museum’s board that prevented her from taking political stands on issues like immigration. Her departure prompted expressions of support from directors, curators and staff members from other cultural institutions who publicly championed her political activism and opened a debate about the role and responsibilities of museums today.

Sally Tallant has served as artistic director and chief executive of Liverpool Biennial since 2011. During her tenure, the Biennial presented to the public a number of challenging and politically sensitive works. During the last edition which closed on 28 October, one of the artworks dealing with immigration was repeatedly targeted by the acts of vandalism. Commenting on her new appointment, Tallant said, “Amid the difficulties and stress points we see in the world today, institutions like the Queens Museum are key in terms of creating cultural spaces for people to engage with the urgent issues of our time.” Ms Tallant will assume her new role in the spring of 2019.

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