Glasgow International 2020 theme and call for proposals

Glasgow International 2020

The theme for Glasgow International 2020 will be ‘attention’. As much a method or approach as a theme, attention asks us to consider how, where and in whom our attention is placed at a time of seemingly constant distraction through, for instance, social media and 24 hour news feeds. What are the opportunities of close looking both in the making and viewing of art, and how do we attend to others for whom we care, as well as ourselves?

For Glasgow International 2020, we are launching a new model for the ‘Across the City’ open programme. Applicants will now apply for defined bands of funding. For the first time, all freelance projects selected for inclusion will receive a minimum seed funding award of £1500, with further bands being £3,000, £5,000 and a top tier of £10,000. Only organisations with ongoing support structures such as regularly funded institutions or commercial galleries would be eligible for inclusion without a funding award.

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2019, for more information including a handbook guide to applying, see the website HERE.

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