Open call for curators of Momentum 11

Open call for curators

Since Momentum was founded in 1998, it has established itself as one of the most important biennials for contemporary art in the Nordic region. It has contributed to strengthen the Nordic art field and further to demonstrate that Moss is a city of art. Momentum 11 enters into a new format when it leaves behind Momentum kunsthall and encounter with the distinctive landscape of Jeløya as the main venue together with Galleri F 15. The arenas form a space for exploring thematic inputs and concerns dealing with our time. Additional venues in Moss town will be included. The time frame of Momentum 11 is divided into three parts opening in March, June and September.

Momentum is seeking a curatorial team of two to three curators for Momentum 11.

Work period: From March 2020 until October 2021 with the possibility of a project follow-up if this is agreed on.

Ambitions for Momentum:
–Explore and strengthen contemporary art in a Nordic context
–Be a discursive platform for artistic, intellectual and critical reflection on our contemporary time
–Challenge and strengthen the contemporary discourse of the biennial format
–Create attention, awareness and active participation from the Nordic and international art world, thus strengthen Moss´ position as a city of art
–Create interest and involvement by the local, as well as broad Norwegian, Nordic and international collaborative partners and milieus.

Responsibilities of the curators:
–Professional responsibility for the conceptual framework, as well as the artworks and art projects decided on, and agreed upon, with the director and program board of Galleri F 15
–Lead the realization of the biennial in cooperation with the project manager
–Collaborate with the education department in the development of a public art mediation programme.
–Editor of Momentum 11 publication
–The curators report to the project manager in terms of budget, funding and administration
–The curators report to the project manager on project progress and status, working accordingly to the project plan and its goals

–High artistic competence and documented curatorial experience from larger art projects, including art in nature/public space
–Extensive knowledge of the Nordic art scene
–A broad artistic network, both nationally and internationally
–Experience and desire to work in a team, work capacity, collaborative skills, focus on the project and ability to realize it
–Strong writing ability and excellent oral language skills, including public speaking

Please send your bio, name and contact information on two references, a personal cover letter briefly describing previous experience, as well as reasons for applying for the position as curator. Additionally, the applicant must submit a written proposal (max 1 pages), which includes the curatorial theme and outline. Please suggest three or four artists for Momentum 11.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact the Director of Momentum, Dag Aak Sveinar T 0047 474 66 331

Send your PDF application of maximum 8MB by e-mail to se@punkto.no. Mark your application “Application for the position as curator for Momentum 11”.

Application deadline: January 1, 2020

Momentum 11 is on display from June to October 2021.

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