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Bangkok Biennial 2020 Open Call for Pavilions

Bangkok Biennial 2020

The Bangkok Biennial 2020 will take place from October to December, 2020. It will maintain the open source structure with no central curator or dictation. The organizers believe that this reflects and echoes the mood and general exasperation in regard to power mongering in every sphere of top-down dictatorial structures seen in contemporary Thailand, the region and perhaps the entire world at this moment.

Anyone can register and achieve a pavilion as part of Bangkok Biennial 2020. 

Please read the rest of this page carefully- it contains everything you will need to prepare to register a pavilion as part of Bangkok Biennial 2020.  All this information is also available for download as PDF document in English or Thai.

Bangkok Biennial 2020 Open call – Important  Dates

April 6th – June 29th, 2020: The Registration Period.

During this time you will be able to register your pavilion online. See below for a list of everything you will need to prepare to register.

October 16th -December 12th, 2020: The Bangkok Biennial.

This is when the world will come to your pavilion!

These dates are important for the functioning of the Bangkok Biennial systems, but we realize they may not line up with deadlines for proposals you may need to write to fund your pavilion. Should you need anything from us before the registration period (such as a letter from the BB team to include in a funding proposal) please write to us at bbteam@bangkokbiennial.com

Materials required for registering a pavilion in Bangkok Biennial 2020

Section #1: Main details

The Pavilion
• Name of Pavilion
• Brief description of the pavilion (maximum 250 characters)
• Longer description of pavilion (curatorial statement, etc)

• Artist(s) involved
• Individual artist’s links (website, portfolio, etc)
• Short Bio of each artist (Max 250 words)
• One image of each artist’s work

• Curator(s) involved (if applicable)
• Individual curators’ links (website, portfolio, etc)
• Short Bio of each curator (Max 250 words)

• Organizations/Groups/Collectives/ Etc involved (if applicable)
• Organizations/Groups/Collectives/ Etc links (website, portfolio, etc)
• Short Bio of each Organization/ Group/Collective/Etc (Max 250 characters)

Section #2: Logistics

• Contact Person’s name
• Contact Person’s Email (will not be made public)
*Is the Contact Person willing to be contacted by the media for interviews or other information they may be interested in? Y/N
• Pavilion website
• Public email
• Other contacts (public)
• Mailing address (private, only used if we need to send you materials such as posters or guidebooks, etc)

Will your pavilion have a physical location?
If Yes: Have you already secured your venue? Y/N
• Venue/Location
• Street Address
• Google Maps link to venue
• Dates
• Opening Hours
• Telephone number
If No: Would you like to be added to a register of Pavilions Seeking Venues?

Social Media
Pavilions should create social media identities specifically for the pavilion, rather than using existing pages for your previous/existing work (those pages can be listed above in the curators/artists/organizers’s individual links).
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Others

​Other Information (not for public)
• Sponsors/funders/grants/etc (confirmed/not confirmed?)
• Countries/nationalities involved
• Where did you hear about the Bangkok Biennial 2020?

​Section #3: Open Call

​We encourage pavilions to use open calls to further broaden the reach and scope of the work within your pavilion and within the biennial. We will be actively promoting all of the various open calls from pavilions.

​Will your pavilion involve any kind of Open Call? (Y/N) If yes
• Short text for open call (maximum 250 characters)
• Longer description of Open Call
• URL for more information (website, social media link)
• Describe the submission requirements and process in 250 words or less
• List what your pavilion will provide to selected artists
• Public Email
• Phone number
• Other Public Contacts

​Section #4: Support Materials

​• Upload 3-5 publicity images (without text). Permission must be granted to BB to use images for publicity, minimum file size 1 – 2 mb. Label the images by BB2020_Pavilion_Artist_Titleofwork.jpg
• Upload 1-2 poster images to represent the pavilion.
• Youtube or vimeo links for video material
• Links for audio material (soundcloud, bandcamp, etc)

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