RIBOCA2 announces new dates: 20 August – 13 September 2020

RIBOCA2, and suddenly it all blossoms, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, will be open to the public from 20 August to 13 September, spreading over 200,000 m2 of the Tarkovskian style former port district of Andrejsala in Riga. It will be transformed into the setting for a feature-length film that will be shot during opening hours. Between a ruin and a construction site, past fallen dreams and present reality, the project, transformed into a unique experience, acknowledges the limitations and possibilities of today.

During the three-week run of the show, performances, guided tours and public programmes will be held while maintaining sanitary and social distancing measures.

Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, as Artistic Director and Script Writer of the movie, invited acclaimed Latvian film Director Dāvis Sīmanis to co-direct the film, collaborating with his team including Andrejs Rudzāts as Director of Photography. Together they are working on a feature-length film that is planned to be released early 2021.

*Latvia’s state of emergency ended on 10 June and its borders are slowly opening. RIBOCA2 will continue to follow government advice closely to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and local communities. If you would need any assistance with organizing your visit to Riga please don’t hesitate to contact our hospitality department: aya@rigabiennial.com


RIBOCA2 Online Series of Talks and Conversations gathers outstanding and noteworthy bright minds and every Thursday provides a thought-provoking conversation with diverse inputs and ideas on how to perceive this world. Reflecting on such words as Ends, Human, Love, Underworlds, Care, Magic, Voices, or Ghosts, they are taking them as lenses through which to consider alternative perspectives and visions for our presents and futures.
All videos contain subtitles in English, Latvian and Russian languages.