11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale postponed to 2021

11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale

As a precautionary measure in response to the contained yet persistent reemergence of Covid-19 infections in Seoul and its vicinity since early May, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has closed all public facilities, including museums, until further notice.

In light of this development, as well as the need to guarantee the safety of all personnel involved in the preparation of the 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale, SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art), together with the biennale team, has decided to postpone this year’s edition to September 2021.

New dates and other information will be announced soon. Titled One Escape at a Time, the biennale was originally scheduled to take place at SeMA and other venues across Seoul from September 8 to November 22, 2020. Unveiled for the first time here, the visual identity of One Escape at a Time is designed by the New York-based studio Wkshps in collaboration with Park-Langer.

Yung Ma, Artistic Director of the 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale, One Escape at a Time, comments: “In respect to efforts by the government, healthcare workers, and the public to stem the spread of this life-threatening virus, we have made the decision to postpone the biennale until next year. We are, undeniably, still in the midst of a global health crisis, and I hope that we can use the time to take stock, rethink, and reimagine what is possible. I would like to thank Director Beck, SeMA, and the biennale team for their continuous support and commitment. I would also like to thank all biennale participants, collaborators, and partners for their trust, understanding, and patience.”

Beck Jee-sook, Director of SeMA, states: “With the support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, SeMA and Artistic Director Yung Ma have communicated closely in deciding to postpone the biennale. It will guarantee that works, artists, collaborators, and the audience can enjoy the full extent of the biennale process and experience. Everyone involved is committed to ensuring that the biennale can be experienced under optimal conditions during these uncertain times. SeMA is thankful for their dedication and effort. We aim to apply all the insights and best practices we can harness toward amplifying what SeMA and Seoul Mediacity Biennale can offer citizens in the future.”

Inaugurated in 2000, Seoul Mediacity Biennale, formerly known as the SeMA Biennale, is hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government and SeMA. As Seoul’s leading contemporary art event, it aims to forge new links between art, media, and the urban fabric.

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