Towards BIENALSUR 2021: the Argentinian biennial presents its 7th online session, ‘Thinking about possible futures’

Towards BIENALSUR 2021
Thinking about possible futures / pensar futuros posibles

In these uncertain times BIENALSUR continues its public program with a series of online meetings, Towards BIENALSUR 2021, to Think about possible futures, in order to address questions about life experiences and the terms in which things have been defined so far, to reflect upon what to preserve and what to reformulate going forward.

The online meetings Towards BIENALSUR 2021 represent BIENALSUR’s proposal to continue working in times of a worldwide health emergency within the context of a virtually global lockdown by creating spaces of discussion and reflection that allow us to envisage a better future for the world of art and culture.

We believe in dialogue due to its polyphonic nature, because it presents positions that assume their temporariness in the attentive reception of the voice of the other, and because it admits the contrast between different voices and allows us to perceive the ways in which they complement each other.

With Towards BienalSur 2021: Thinking about possible futures, we consider that those of us who have the opportunity to witness, from safe spaces, the complex scenario of all kinds of profound inequalities made visible by the health emergency posed by COVID-19, are responsible for reflecting not only on how we got here but, most importantly, on how we will shape the possible futures. The field of culture, a sector with unique characteristics, has shown its power to assist many people around the world in this complex juncture in terms of recreation, learning and thinking. At the same time, it has shown its own weakness, and with both situations in mind, we would now like to propose a dialogue about the ways in which, through artistic actions and projects, it is possible to bring the margins to the centre in order to continue working between the local and the global, as has been the case since the beginning of BIENALSUR.

Visit the website to watch the following talks online:

1st: State of Affairs

2nd: Imagination, ways of seeing, perspectives

3rd: Narratives of the Present

4th: Culture in the light of new horizons

5th: Art in the territory

6th: Bringing the Margin to the Center

7th: Migrations and contemporary art

BIENALSUR presents these virtual meetings and dialogues to Thinking Possible Futures via its online platform, www.bienialsur.org. You can also access our recently published e-book containing discussions from the first three online meetings towards BIENALSUR 2021.

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