5th Casablanca Biennale Postponed

5th Casablanca Biennale

The Biennale Internationale de Casablanca is announcing with regret that its fifth edition will not take place in May 2021, as initially hoped. This is due to the ongoing global sanitary measures, travel restrictions, and extended periods of lockdown that have made it impossible to develop the biennale’s on-site programmes as intended, even in its revised plans.

The new proposed dates for the 5th Casablanca Biennale are 22 September – 5 November 2022. However, the biennale is still planning a number of activities in 2021. These include a first set of artists residencies at IFITRY (Essaouira region) in July 2021, followed by an exhibition at the residency’s partner Contemporary Art Centre in summer 2021, and at the BiC Project Space (Casablanca) in autumn 2021. The biennale is also planning additional events along the Casablanca showcase that will be announced in the coming months.

The biennale is anticipating that its 2022 program will take on a staggered and more flexible format. This will be confirmed once there is more certainty on the global context.

The biennale remains committed to finding ways of collaborating with all the artists selected for its fifth edition and is currently in discussion with its local and international partners in order to adapt these collaborations to the new program and calendar.