Tallinn Print Triennial finissage

Tallinn Print Triennial finissage

The 18th Tallinn Print Triennial is open to the public for the last week, so it’s the last chance to visit our exhibitions! On Sunday, March 27, the official finissage will take place. During the programme following events are planned:

at 1 pm Lecture-performance “Sourdough as a Metaphor”, artist Kamilė Krasauskaitė (at Põhjala Tap Room), in English

Krasauskaitė is a multidisciplinary artist and curator based in Vilnius, Brussels and Paris. Her practice evolves into different formats, from installations and sculptures to publications and social events. Her practice investigates commensality, experimental food design, patterns of time, and the collaboration between humans and microorganisms. During the event the visitor will be invited to explore sourdough as a media that could become a language or a great body metaphor. While creating bread faces out of sourdough we will be discussing if politics could be understood or experienced within one’s body.

at 3 pm Discussion on the definition(s) of the concept of Eastern Europe in art and culture (at Kai Art Center), in Estonian

The discussion will be moderated by art critic and editor-in-chief of KUNST magazine, Andreas Trossek. Participants are historian Linda Kaljundi, artist Tanel Rander, art historian and curator Liisa Kaljula and philologist and literary critic Tiit Hennoste.

The triennial “Warm. Checking Temperature in Three Acts”, curated by Róna Kopeczky, primarily gives thought to the radical political, cultural political and social turns that affect Central and Eastern Europe, and it also inscribes these changes in a global perspective through the lens of universal absurdity. The project gives voice to contemporary artists based in, or originating from, the Central and Eastern European region who reflect boldly and critically on burning issues such as the rise of right-wing phobist politics, globally misplaced priorities, the collapse of democracies, the shrinking of freedom – in both life and art – and the general sense of conditioned fear and hostility prevailing today.

“Warm” comprises three intertwined cycles entitled The Nation Loves ItPickle Politics and The Science of Freedom, which reference artists and artworks included in the exhibition.

Artists: Artleaks | Jasmina Cibic | Hubert Czerepok | Agnes Denes | Igor Eškinja | Oxana Gourinovitch | Ferenc Gróf | Flo Kasearu | Eva Koťátková | Volodymyr Kuznetsov | Irena Lagator | Olson Lamaj | Marko Mäetamm | Alexander Manuiloff | Dóra Maurer | Raul Meel | Katja Novitskova | Dan Perjovschi | Géza Perneczky | Nada Prlja | Kaisa Puustak | Driton Selmani | Slavs and Tatars | Société Réaliste | Bojan Stojčić | Endre Tót

Curator: Róna Kopeczky
Dates: 22 January – 27 March 2022
Venues: Kai Art Center | Temnikova & Kasela Gallery | Põhjala Tap Room | EKA Gallery (until 26.02) | Flo Kasearu House Museum | Liszt Institute Tallinn | Kanuti Gildi SAAL

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