Yev Kravt announced as curator of the third edition of the Larnaca Biennale

Yev Kravt

Larnaca Biennale is proud to announce Yev Kravt as curator of the third edition of the Larnaca Biennale (LB3), to be held in 2023. Larnaca Biennale is a city-wide project for artistic experimentation in contemporary art, comprising an international open call, exhibitions, theatre, performances, concerts, activities, lectures and workshops – attracting an audience of over 25,000 visitors. The Biennale will run from Wednesday October 11 to Friday November 24, 2023. The theme and programme of the third Larnaca Biennale will be announced in a further statement in September 2022.

Statement from Larnaca Biennale organizing committee
“We are thrilled to have Yev Kravt with us on this new journey of the third edition of the Larnaca Biennale. Larnaca Biennale shares the same vision for an independent institution, placing Cyprus through the biennale as a contemporary art project on the global cultural map. We welcome new collaborations in Cyprus and abroad, to provide the most engaging, learning and questioning program possible.”

Statement from Yev Kravt
“A new world is crystallising in courageous new perspectives, ideas and movements. New narratives, new viewpoints and new languages take shape along the way. Perhaps it was time. Hungry for social change, we seek out fresh aesthetics and alternative proposals. Let’s reimagine today’s world together, highlighting developments at the forefront of artistic practice. Let’s regain strength in a time of uncertainty, using art as an agent of meaningful change. Let’s share our visions with an open mind – guided by curiosity and solidarity. I would like to thank the entire team of the Larnaca Biennale for their brave, bold choice.”

Biography Yev Kravt
Yev Kravt is an independent Crimean-Dutch curator living between Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Larnaca, Cyprus. With a background in communication, philosophy and art history, her work encompasses a range of cultural, creative and social initiatives. Her main motives are to stimulate experimentation, creativity, social change and inclusiveness, as well as to imagine new ways of living together. Over the past 10 years, Kravt has organised numerous exhibitions at museums, galleries and non-profit spaces, including Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam; Droog Gallery; Ron Mandos Gallery; SEXYLAND World; Het Nieuwe Instituut; and the Biennale of São Tomé and Prìncipe.

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