OSTEN BIENNIAL Skopje 2024: Call for Artists

The OSTEN Biennial, organized by OSTEN Skopje in North Macedonia, invites artists to participate in its 2024 edition.

Embracing Innovation

This Biennial seeks fresh perspectives and groundbreaking works that challenge traditional artistic boundaries. We encourage submissions that transcend existing artistic frameworks and showcase an artist’s unique voice.

Openness and Freedom

The OSTEN Biennial embraces all creative forms, regardless of technique, medium, or style. We welcome submissions encompassing paintings, drawings, prints, objects, installations, video art, and multimedia art.

Central Focus on the Idea

We believe that the conceptual foundation of an artwork is paramount, with its execution serving as a vehicle for expression. As Salvador Dali aptly stated, “Drawing remains the honesty in art…”

Eligibility and Categories

The OSTEN Biennial welcomes participation from artists aged 18 and above in two distinct categories:

Individual Participation: This category allows individual artists to submit their work.

Group Participation: Groups of up to seven artists are encouraged to participate by submitting either:
– Joint Concept: Individual artworks by group members united under a cohesive theme.
– Joint Work: A single artwork created collaboratively by all group members, with collective authorship.

Groups exceeding seven artists should contact the Organizer directly for information on participation.

We are committed to fostering artistic collaboration and believe that group participation enriches the artistic experience.

For more details please visit the following link: https://www.osten.mk/en/

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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