Year founded: 1981
Organiser: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy


The first Asian Art Biennale was held in Bangladesh in 1981. Its establishment was not only to expose the public to the variety of art that is found in Bangladesh and internationally, but to support and develop young artists in their chosen field.

Asian Art Biennale was conceived by the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy with the assumption of continuity and change and the co-existence of modernity and tradition in the arts of Asian countries.

Asian Art Biennale is an international event with local artist’s pieces being displayed and works from countries such as Nepal, Iran, China, Thailand, Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Japan Chile, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Romania, Turkey, Fiji, Italy, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh, since its beginning in 1981, has attempted to display the kaleidoscope of various artistic endeavours of our time in which continuity and change come together. The geographical parameter is important only in a generic sense and also for identification of sponsorship in this pioneering venture. It was inevitable that with time other regions that share, more or less, the same artistic impulses and face the same challenge of forging an identity of their own, would be included in the exhibition as has happened in recent years.

Countries invited for participation are be responsible for the selection of quality works of their artists that best represent the contemporary trends and practices in those countries. But because of space restriction, countries are requested to limit their number of art works to correspond to allotted wall and floor space.

There are two committee panels selected for the Asian Art Biennale. One panel is to select the pieces on display and the other to be the judges for the competition, which awards Honorable Mention Awards and grand prizes to the winners. The first group is made up of art critics and artists, and two members of Bangladesh and three foreigners are selected for the five member judge team.