Year founded: 2002
Organiser: Manif d'art


Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Manif d'art is held every two years from February to April.

In accordance with its mandate, Manif d’art is responsible for several projects, the most important of which is the Manif d’art – the Québec City Biennale.

Located in the heart of the national capital, the Manif d’art is held every two years from February to April. A thematic event dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art, the biennial is held in various locations throughout Québec City. and brings together numerous collaborators from the cultural and artistic sectors. Visitors have access to on-site art, bilingual guided tours, thematic events for young people and creative workshops, allowing everyone to experience the exuberance of contemporary art. Artists from Quebec, Canada and abroad participate in exhibitions, presenting the latest trends in contemporary art. Symposiums and forums are organized for the general public as well as for specialists to examine issues and trends in contemporary art. Satellite activities include performances, presentations and thematic activities that bring together various artistic disciplines.

Manif d’art is a not-for-profit organization that is also recognized as a charity. Its main mandate is to promote the art of investigation and experimentation by showcasing the major trends in visual arts from Quebec, Canada and abroad. Aimed at a diverse audience, the organization establishes contexts for unconventional creation and exhibition, thus fostering the search for new questions in contemporary art.