MANIF D’ART 10 – THE QUEBEC CITY BIENNIAL postponed to Winter 2022

Manif D'art 10

Photo : Renaud Philippe (2019)

MANIF D’ART 10 – THE QUEBEC CITY BIENNIAL which is produced in collaboration with the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) is being postponed to 2022. The event was originally scheduled for winter (2021). Due to the current global pandemic, the organizers have come to the difficult conclusion to postpone this event until the Winter of 2022. MANIF D’ART is conscious of the impact of such a decision on everyone involved including the team of Manif d’art as well as the MNBAQ and sincerely regrets the postponement of this year’s event. The health of our employees, of our collaborators, of our artists and our public are our absolute priority. At this time, the postponement is the most responsible and reasonable option.

It should be noted that all the travel restrictions between countries has made the travel to Québec for curator Steven Matijicio and all international artist who are taking part in this unique event much more complicated. Added to this is the uncertainty surrounding the opening of our venues of The Quebec City Biennal. This includes the current closure of the MNBAQ as well as the closure of other spaces belonging to our partner artist centers under the new guidelines issued by the Direction de la Santé Publique (DSP). With all this in mind, the planning of this 10th edition has become very complex if not almost impossible.

Organisers of MANIF D’ART 10, Manif d’art and the MNBAQ are promising their loyal fans that they plan to return in the winter of 2022 with exceptional programming that will certainly reward their patience and satisfy their search for discoveries. Steven Matijicio joins the two organizations to plan for a fast recovery of once the global pandemic has passed so we can return to celebrating the arts in all forms.