The new Aichi Triennale opens with exhibition through competition. Applications 1-31 March 2010.

The Aichi Triennale in Japan is a new international art festival to be held once every three years. The first Aichi Triennale, which will take place from 21 August to 31 October 2010, is based on the theme of ‘Arts and Cities’. Apart from the planned program including exhibitions of works of approximately 70 invited artists/groups from Japan and abroad, the Triennale aims to create an open platform for artists and curators who seek to challenge the idea of arts. In order to give artists and curators the chance to participate in the new Triennale, a contemporary art exhibition introducing selected entries in a public competition is held alongside the main international art shows.

The Triennale is seeking applications
for a competition of inspiring projects of contemporary art exhibition by artists and curators (solo exhibitions will be accepted with or without recommendations from others). Twelve winners will be selected to hold their exhibitions in vacant buildings, stores and outward walls at Choja-machi area (around
2-chome, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City).
The submitted projects must be unannounced and original.
Artistic Director: Akira Tatehata.
Curators: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Jochen Volz, Masahiko Haito, Hinako Kasagi, Takashi Echigoya, Eri Karatsu.
Guest Curator: Emmanuelle de Montgazon. Associate Curators: Fuyumi Namioka, Hisako Hara.

For information, application process and dates: www.aichitriennale.jp/kikakucompe-c/en/

Aiche Triennale Office
Aichi Arts Center 6F, 1-13-2 Higashi-sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 461-8525 Japan
T: +81-52-971-6111 / F: +81-52-971-6115 /
E: geijutsusai@pref.aichi.lg.jp

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