Year founded: 2010
Organiser: Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee


Aichi Triennale is following three basic objectives in order to realize a community- friendly triennial exhibition representing the culture of Aichi/Nagoya

Aichi Triennale is following three basic objectives in order to realize a community-friendly triennial exhibition representing the culture of Aichi/Nagoya, and to make the exhibition a unique outlet of art that attracts international attention.

The first objective is to demonstrate trends in cutting edge contemporary art centered around visual art with an international perspective. In other words, the basic missions of the Aichi Triennale – to be held regularly beginning in 2010 – are to cast light on what is currently happening in the art world and to communicate the lively energy of contemporary artists’ activities. It is quite certain that the Triennale will play a potent role in invigorating the art and culture of Aichi, by bringing together new trends of art and disseminating them to the world.

The second objective is to produce the sense of exhilaration of a celebration in and of a city. This epic project that expands into the streets, parks and public squares without limiting itself to museums and theaters will create scenes filled with extraordinary charm in the city.
Not only will this Triennale offer an opportunity to appreciate distinguished works of art, it is expected to become a platform for fresh communication among people and between art and people in the face of works of art.

The third objective is to actively incorporate performing arts such as opera, dance and music, with contemporary art as the core. This is an innovative departure from existing biennials and triennials. Rather than separating presentations by genres, the Aichi Triennale intends to emphasize as much correlativity as possible to enable active interactions across discipline boundaries.