“Future and Reality” is the theme of the 5th Beijing Biennale.

It is the continuation, extending and deepening of the theme of the 4th Beijing Biennale(“Environment Concern and Human Existence”. The theme combines the spiritual pursuit of the future with of humanistic care in reality which can fully stimulates the artist’s creative inspiration and provide the free space for artists’ romantic imagination, expanding the art form

The theme of this Beijing biennale is with extensive inclusiveness and artists can express this topic from different angles and using different forms.

Participating artists of this Beijing Biennale, domestic and international, consist of specially invited ones and free ones. The Curatorial Committee is to make the decision on the list of the invited artists, and freely participating works are welcome from all over the world. Participating works should have been completed in the last five years.

All artists should each submit the photos of 2 to 5 works of theirs to the Curatorial Committee for selection, and should send Registration Form for Participating Artists of the Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2012 and Caption of Works for the Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale China 2012. You can download the forms from the website of the Beijing Biennale (cf. XII “Contact Organization”) or get them from the Beijing Biennale Office. E-mail:  bjbiennale@yahoo.cn.

The DEADLINE  is December 15th, 2011.

The chief curator of the Biennial as well as the standing vice president of China Artists Association is Wu Changjiang.

5th Beijing International Art Biennale will be held in National Art Museum of China in Beijing in the Autumn of 2012.