Year founded: 2003
Organiser: Beijing International Art Biennale Office


The purpose of the Beijing International Art Biennale is to show the graceful bearing of opening-up in an all-round way.

The Beijing International Art Biennale has been developed after China’s accession to WTO and winning the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Its purpose is to show the graceful bearing of opening-up in an all-round way.

China, as a country with a long-lived ancient civilization and the largest developing country
in the world, promotes the development of plurality in the world’s culture. It aims to establish a new biennial style with Chinese characteristics by referring to the conventional practice of international art biennials, to support, promote innovation of easel art,
and make contributions to the development
of world art and human civilization.

Cultural significances of the Biennial:

– Building a grand path and bridge for international cultural exchanges;

– Opening the showcase for presentation of native contemporary arts;

– Incubating new concepts of arts and shortening the regeneration cycle of arts for activating innovation;

– Rationally identifyng excellent arts around the world and promoting exquisite arts;

– Closely combining arts with international trends and national interests, developing the resource advantages in serving the society and human beings.Social Functions of the Biennial:

– Protecting the rich and diversified cultures of the world and promoting the normalized supplementation of advanced concepts and works through multidirectional international transmission;

– Creating an obstacle-free path for the convergence of pioneering thoughts of different nations and countries via the exchanges of visual arts that are less restricted by language barriers;

– Maintaining and promoting the peace of human being through worldwide feeling gathering;

– Making use of the geological convenience of the hosting country, highlighting the local culture and national art, winning the initiative rights of voices in the cultural circles of the world, thus developing the cultural vision of local residents;

– Expanding the celebrity of the hosting city, enhancing its cultural content, promoting the economic development by accelerating the local tourism;

– Performing the basic duties, which should be undertaken by big cultural powers to the international society.