In 2012, artists participating in ‘Flights of Fancy’ have developed new works that reference Tatton Park’s aeronautical legacy as well as the human urge to accomplish the impossible.

3rd Tatton Park Biennial takes place from 12 May to 30 September 2012.

The Tatton Park Biennial in the first three editions begins with the site itself, with each edition producing works that, necessarily, move from the local to a more universal understanding of context and site-specificity. The 2008 Biennial focussed on the collections held at Tatton Park; the 2010 Biennial examined ideas about identity, its inherent politics and placement on a fluctuating planet.

Danielle Arnaud & Jordan Kaplan are the Biennial curators for 2008-2012, bringing together a trilogy of events committed to the production of new, site-specific works that address time in a non-linear manner – future, past, present – to breathe new life into old debates and old ideas into new contexts.

Charbel Ackermann, Brass Art, David Cotterell, Tom Date, Simon Faithful, Tessa Farmer, Jam Finer, Olivier Grossetete, Hilary Jack, Juneau Projects, Dinu Li, Pointfive, Aura Latz, Cherry Smyth, Ultimate Holding Company and Sarah Woodfine.

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