BUCHAREST BIENNALE 6 appointed Gergö Horváth (RO/HU) as the curator for Bucharest Biennale 6.

Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Apprehension. Understanding Through Fear of Understanding

May 23 – July 24, 2014

Curator:  Gergő Horváth

By appointing curator with a practice based on the social and educational areas, BUCHAREST BIENNALE 6 will be drawing theoretical and artistic lines uniting the involvement mechanisms generated lately in Bucharest and will try to engage a large number of participants from transdiciplinary areas, as well as gather a number of parallel events organized in collaboration with representative institutions.

Gergő Horváth chose as the theme for the 6th edition of the biennial Apprehension. Understanding Through Fear of Understanding, which attempts to question the possible tacit relations between fear and understanding that evade governance, in the everyday life and beyond it. Fear as an epistemic method and fear of understanding as a political strategy.

Gergő Horváth (b. 1993) is an artist, with a special interest in curatorial activity and cultural management. He studied music and is presently studying art with a special interest in makeshift politics and DIY social structures. Since 2012, he collaborated in various instances with Pavilion. Recently he was exhibited in the “Affluence of the working class from differentiation to collectivism” and curated “100 Hungarian Minutes”. He published several texts in different magazines. Currently he works and lives in Romania and is a Hungarian citizen.

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