Five Ugandan curators, working with renowned South African curator Gabi Ngcobo, have selected thirty artists from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and Rwanda.

Kampala Contemporary Art Festival

Who are the unheard voices of our cities

4th – 31st October 2014

The festival will see the reopening of Kampala’s Railway Station to the public for an exhibition. There ten East African artists will showcase their interpretation of the “Unmapped”, while twenty Ugandan artists will install boda bodas with innovative artworks, which will tour the city in a unique mobile exhibition.

Reaching out directly to the public, twenty boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) will be turned into artworks, ‘mapping’ Kampala, by forming temporary exhibition spaces in pre-selected locations across the capital. Ugandan artist Kizito Mbuga will transform a boda boda into a travelling cinema; whilst Ogwang Jimmy John will turn another into an interactive recording studio, which maps the ‘unheard’ musicians of the city. The mobile exhibition will attract new audiences from every corner of Kampala, from the iconic Independence Monument to bustling Ggaba market on the shores of Lake Victoria.

“Building on the success of the festival in 2012, KLA ART 014 offers a platform to showcase new and emerging ideas by contemporary Ugandan artists.  KLA ART is a two-year process of thought, production and experimentation resulting in a unique festival, which directly links artists, artworks and audiences” Rocca Gutteridge, Project Director, KLA ART 014

Image: KLA ART 014 Artists researching for the Boda Boda Project, Courtesy: 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust

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