The TRIO Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary art around the three-dimensional.

1st TRIO Biennial

Who said that tomorrow doesn’t exist ?

September 4 – December 8, 2015

Opening: Sept.3.2015, at 11am – Main show
at 3pm – Vargas Memorial- Brasil Show
at 7pm – Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica – Brasil Show

Sept.4.2015 – Mostra Relevo  Show – Several Venues
Colateral events – Several venues

Curator: Marcus de Lontra Costa

Director: Alexandre Murucci

The TRIO Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary art around the three-dimensional – sculpture, installations, objects – just as, in all its expanded fields – painting, photography, performance, video and other media as three-dimensional research. The Biennial aims to be one of the major projects in 2015, next to the Rio’s birthday celebrations.

With the theme “Who said that tomorrow doesn’t exist ?”, extracted sentence of the verses from the pop music of a Brazilian rapper, Marcelo D2, the show aims to discuss the future’s intermediation processes, their design concepts, past tense and willingness, from the spheres of the country, of the art and in the three-dimensional and is divided into 3 modules, under the supervision of its main curator Marcus de Lontra Costa:

The Main Show, to be held in the Cidade das Artes (City of Arts), receiving the choice of the general curator of the event, with brazilian and foreign guest artists;

The show Relevo, a monumental exhibition where consular offices are being invited to present the artists from their countries,  for an exhibition in the cultural facilities of the city, as well as public areas, squares and parks, in Rio, Niterói, Petrópolis, Búzios and Pirai, to democratically expanding people’s access to art and culture.

And the module showing Brazil three-dimensional panorama, which will take place at Memorial Vargas, Municipal Art Centre Hélio Oiticica and open air spaces in downtown Rio. For this, the Culture Secretaries of all States, are also being invited to send artists chosen by curators sites. And besides these, several side events in shows around the city.

Marcus de Lontra Costa
Curator of the iconic “How are you going Generation 80?”, which launched names like Beatriz Milhazes and Adriana Varejão, Daniel Senise, Ernesto Neto and Luiz Zerbini, among many others.  Member of the International Association of Art Critics. He was curator at the Modern Art Museum of Bahia and Professor at Estacio de Sá University in Rio de Janeiro, with strong experience in art salons in Brazil as the National Salon and others, like the Modern Art Shows of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná and Pernambuco.

Former director of the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and director of the Modern Art Museum of Brasilia. He was also director of the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, the Modern Art Museum of Recife and adviser to the former Minister of Culture José Aparecido de Oliveira.

Signed among the main shows and books: “Inventory of Passion – Tribute to Marcantonio Vilaça” – 2014; “Color, Light and Movement” – 2014; Form and Presence – Angelo Venosa, Bechara and others 2013; Modernisms 90 Years 1922 w / Daniela Name -2012; “Mirror Reflected – Surrealism and contemporary Brazilian art” – 2012; Painting Redesigned 2011; (Un) equilibrium and (Im) perfections – 2011; Carlos SCLIAR of reflection to Creation-2011; Pierre et Gilles Apotheosis of the Sublime – 2010; Hyperspace curvist Eneas Valle-2005; Popular Culture and Art in Brazilian artists Vision – 2003; Painting Bahia-2002; Image and Identity: A Glimpse of History, 2002; Collections 3vols Brazil – 2001.; Contemporary Art 2000-1 Pernambuco-1999; Modern examples – International Collection of Mam-rj w/ Armando Mattos (cur.) -1996; 80 – Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection / Mam – 1995; Collection Manuel de Brito – Images of Portuguese Art XX Century – 1995; Sergio Telles the Ateliers Traveler – 1995; Games Looking, Fernando Coelho, 1995; The Modern Design in Brazil C. Gilberto Chateaubriand Mam Rj -1995; Childhood Wicked – Fables About Memory and Time-1995; Maurice Bentes – 1994; Evandro-Carneiro 1994; 4 x Mines: Manfredo, Amilcar de Castro, M. Benjamin, Renato C. -1993; Luiz Aquila: Great Frames-1992; Images of Fire Frans Krajcberg w/ Denise Mattar – 1992; SCLIAR: Persistence of Landscape: A Modern Adventure in Brazil-1991.

At the moment, besides being the curator of the Biennial TRIO – Three-dimensional Biennial of Rio de Janeiro, signs the curatorship of the CNI SESC Marcantonio Villaça Award, the most important of the country.

Alexandre Murucci
Artist and independent curator, having signed the following exhibitions – “AnthroPopPoetics” – in NY and Houston Contemporary Art Museum (in progress); Last Call “- BNDES Gallery – Rio de Janeiro 2011; ARTIGO Rio Contemporary Art Fair 2012;  2013 AND 2014; “Another Look and …” – CC Sulamérica 2013; “Football Art 2013” – Municipal Center of Culture Ruins Park; “SELF” – Alexandre Monteiro – Solar de Botafogo Cultural Center 2012; “Life, Death and Sons … 2011″ – Noe Klabin – Solar de Botafogo Cultural Center 2011, ” The New Brazilian Sculpture” – Caixa Cultural Rio 2011 – the largest exhibition ever held in the context of sculpture in Brazil; “Panorama Earth 2011” – on the agenda of Rio + 20, Consulate of Argentina, Rio; “There Infinite hidden everywhere” – Gisela Milman – Solar de Botafogo Cultural Center  – 2012; “Corpus Codex” – Antonio Bokel – Solar de Botafogo Cultural Center  2012; “Iberian Impressions – Rui Pedro Jorge and Gloria Alonso” – LGC Art Gallery – 2010; “SoccerArt – Football / Art – Perspectives on the Passion” – LGC Art Gallery – 2010; “Niche Contemporary III” – National Museum of Fine Arts – Rio de Janeiro, among others….

Image: Marcus de Lontra Costa. Courtesy TRIO Biennial.