Baltic Triennial 13 to take place in all three Baltic countries from May to November 2018

Baltic Triennial 13

For the first time in its history, the Baltic Triennial will take place in the three Baltic countries: Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, from May to November 2018. Each of the three exhibitions will be different and together with a catalogue and project website form the Triennial. The Baltic Triennial 13 is titled GIVE UP THE GHOST and is curated by Vincent Honoré, assisted by Neringa Bumblienė and Cédric Fauq. More than 50 artists from over 20 countries will participate in the Triennial.

Taking place across multiple locations and at various times, this iteration of the Baltic Triennial is the first to give up its unity, in order to make space and time for the polyphonic to rise. While each exhibition will be different in terms of artists and works, collectively they operate under an over-arching triennial motif: BT13– GIVE UP THE GHOST responds to this idiomatic motif, and does not offer a single or illustrative response, but rather a collective vision on what is at stake: independence and dependency – to territories, cultures, classes, histories, bodies and forms.

The moving notion of belonging allows us to go beyond identity. This is the core intention of BTX13 – GIVE UP THE GHOST which will explore the concepts of formless subjectivity, bastard objects and anti-specism, of bodies, geographies, temporalities and styles – concepts acting as the intertwined lines of a fluid score rather than the headlines of an
activist manifesto.

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