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Aichi Triennale 2025 Announces Theme and Curatorial Team

Aichi Triennale 2025

Aichi Triennale is pleased to announce the theme for its sixth edition, A Time Between Ashes and Roses, on view from September 13, 2025 to November 30, 2025. The 2025 festival and curatorial theme is organized by Artistic Director Hoor Al Qasimi and reflects upon fluctuating states and connections that exist between ecological environments, human activity, and the narratives and theories that unite them.

The Theme
A Time Between Ashes and Roses

Concept(abridged edition)
This triennial departs from Adonis’ poem A Time Between Ashes and Roses. Echoing its sentiments and visions, this exhibit brings together a futurity empowered by geologic time views rather than immediate and national or territorial perspectives which illuminate contemporary human-environment divides. The apocalyptic and optimistic extremes are decentered in this triennial and the interlayered complexities of environmental justice are addressed so that the bearing of responsibility and realisation of complicity is illuminated. The triennial emphasises the shades and expression in between destruction and blossoming as well as the entanglement of the human and environment.

Inviting artists and collectives from all over the world, the works will present existing and unknown narratives about the environment in which we occur. The curatorial mission and artist works expand upon the triennial’s locality and unearth environmental narratives inspired by ceramic and Setomono production. Since the industries are a source of local pride, they support the triennial’s framework which explores alternative and experimental forms for modelling the human-environment relationship. In Aichi’s industrial history, the ashy black skies from the production of ceramics signified prosperity rather than pollution and destruction. Do such local industries and heritage pave way for nuanced thinking about the human-environment entanglement? A Time between Ashes and Roses is a traversal which adopts the spectral and in between, so that assumed positionalities and hierarchies come undone.

Aichi Triennale 2025, Artistic Director
Hoor Al Qasimi

Initial Selection of Participating Artists

4 artists as of February 1, 2024, in alphabetical order – Artist Name [Place of Birth | Activity Base]

Dala Nasser [ Lebanon | Lebanon ]
Ogawa Machiko [ Japan ]
Oki Junko [ Japan ]
Adrián Villar Rojas [ Argentina| Argentina ]

Curatorial Team

Artistic Director: Hoor Al Qasimi
Head of Curatorial: Iida Shihoko[Independent Curator]
Curator(Contemporary Art: Irizawa Masaaki [Curator, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum]

Curator(Performing Arts: Nakamura Akane[Performing Arts Producer]
Curator(Learning: Tsuji Takuma[Architect]
Curatorial Advisors: Ishikura Toshiaki[Anthropologist / Associate Professor, Department of Arts & Roots, Akita Public Art University], Cho Sunhye[Curator, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum]

Photo credit: Adrián Villar Rojas, Mi familia muerta (My Dead Family), 2009, photo by Carla Barbero

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