Prospect New Orleans seeks Executive Director
Professional development opportunities for art technicians in Ireland
The 5th Ghetto Biennale unveils the list of participants
The 1st Anren Biennale to open in October
Chicago Architecture Biennial Announces Special Projects
Busan Biennale: Sea Art Festival 2017
Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2018
FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial announces its first group of participating artist
Istanbul Biennial released the full list of artists participating in this year’s 15th edition
The Second Yinchuan Biennale will be curated by Marco Scotini
Kim Sun-jung appointed as President of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation
New Job Opportunities at SITE Santa Fe
Artistic Director of 21st Biennale of Sydney announces title and additional selection of artists
Jan Boelen appointed as the curator of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial
4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art announces list of participating artists
The 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art set to open in three months
11th Kaunas Biennial announces main exhibitions and the list of participating artists
Yokohama Triennale 2017 announces full list of artists
EVA International is offering a Research Postgraduate Scholarship in curatorial studies
Dates announced for the 1st edition of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art
Venice Architecture Biennale curators introduce the concept of their exhibition: Freespace
Travel Grants to attend CIMAM Annual Conference in Singapore
Whitstable Biennale 2018 is Seeking a Performance Curator
The 15th Istanbul Biennial reveals the six main venues
The 1st Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2017: Imminent Commons
Prospect New Orleans announces the lineup of 73 artists
Cities, Grow in Difference: 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
Artnet news’ story brings to fore the question of accountability of biennial curators
Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez appointed as the curator for Contour Biennale 9
Socle du Monde Biennale 2017 pays tribute to the Italian artist Piero Manzoni


The Art of the Possible: With and Against documenta 14

by Andrew Stefan Weiner

The obvious reason that some critics have cast Szymczyk and his team as morally superior “social justice warriors” is that it is much easier to fling stereotypes than it is to work through the complex implications of the fundamental message that this documenta means to communicate. At the core of this sprawling, wildly ambitious, sometimes incoherent, but certainly worthwhile exhibition lies a deceptively simple proposition: that art can and should serve the cause of justice, but not always in the ways we might expect.
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Elmgreen & Dragset talk about curating 15th Istanbul Biennial

Elmgreen & Dragset talk about curating 15th Istanbul Biennial during the Biennial Foundation Annual Reception on 10 May 2017 in Venice.

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Making Place: a report on the first Kathmandu Triennale

by Zeenat Nagree

Outsiders occupy a unique position to look in, to observe or to critique. Patterns and characteristics that are unrecognisable or even irrelevant to insiders come to the fore; insights gained and buried layers exposed. Such encounters are commonplace in the art world, unremarkable almost. Yet, the depth and complexity brought by these encounters deserves particular attention when they involve artistic transactions, sites of visibility, and history writing – occurring in the context of large exhibitions, such as biennials or triennials.
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Momentum 9 Trailer

The ninth edition of the Momentum Biennial (M9) takes the notion of alienation as its starting point. In the term alienation the curators refer to a contemporary world where alien processes and entities are becoming an integrated part of our lives through technological, ecological and social transformations.
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Exhibitions Calendar

Calendar 2018:
Calendar 2017:


BERLIN: 7 July 2017

Inaugural Event of the 10th Berlin Biennale public program
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YOKOHAMA: 4-5 Aug 2017

Yokohama Round invites experts from various fields for a roundtable discussion, conducting several rounds of dialogues and discussions. It kicked off in January 2017 prior to the opening of the …
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SYDNEY: 24 Aug 2017

Charles Green, Terry Smith and Mami Kataoka
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KAUNAS: 16-17 Sept 2017

Kaunas Biennial 2017 Public Programme
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Kaunas Biennial documenta 14